Remember when people started talking about Bitcoin and Ether as the future of money?

It seems so long ago.

You could send it to someone on the network.

You could trade on an exchange.

In some instances, you could buy some things with your BTC and ETH.

You already know the story about the pizza and Bitcoin that got it all started.

But for the most part, the usefulness of crypto was more as a capital gains play than a medium of exchange.

It’s taken some time for crypto to fulfill its promise as the next generation of money. …

What is DeFi?

Like most of crypto, the answer is simple and complex.

DeFi stands for decentralized finance. It’s based on the idea that the centralized financial system is vulnerable to failure. In contrast, crypto, with its DLT, peer-to-peer math-guided issuance, and clearing, is considered a viable alternative.

These are all the elements that started with Bitcoin and evolved into Ethereum.

DeFi is essentially crypto’s financial sandbox ecosystem. This is where you participate in a developing parallel financial system. The place where projects are floated, tested and traded.

The vision of DeFi is evolving daily.

But the basic principles of…

76,000 transaction messages per second.

That translates into $11.3 trillion in total dollar volume across 61 million merchants in more than two hundred countries.

That’s what VISA brings to crypto by allowing settlement in the USDC stablecoin.

This is what Geoffrey Moore’s crossing the chasm looks like. Crypto is moving from the earliest enthusiasts to the mainstream.

But to do this, a lot of groundwork had to be done.

All kinds of infrastructure had to be developed to get here. Crypto enthusiasts and diehards built, experimented and gathered communities. …

Mainstream. That’s a word you wouldn’t associate with crypto a year ago.

It was a niche asset class. Maybe even a quiet rebellion.

In crypto circles where you talked of nothing but crypto, it was all-consuming. Outside of that, it was news headlines that captured the public’s imagination.

With Bitcoin over US$50,000 and Ether solidly in the four-figure category, it’s mainstream now.

Governments were paying attention before. Now they are looking at their own digital currencies.

Corporations are allocating parts of their capital into Bitcoin in a game theory competition.

The quiet revolution taking place in crypto has in part…

It was a full house to the amazement of most of the diehards. The year before, you couldn’t get more than ten people to a crypto event. It was standing room only at this one.

An animated guy in a pink cap was walking back and forth in front of the crowd. Unshaven, excited, in the moment, he was probably the best MC I’ve ever seen.

The event was about trading crypto, and the MC was promoting a new crypto trading product.

Cats. CryptoKitties, to be precise.

It was 2017, and most in the room were new to crypto, and…

A baseball team faced a challenge.

They had a modest budget relative to their rivals and a desire to be competitive. Rather than use the tried and true methods of expertise, they used sabermetrics.

Using data, they determined that the traditional approach to drafting new players was risky.

The traditional method was to select players right from high school. But they discovered that this approach produced fewer professional players than the alternative. Drafting more seasoned college players cost a bit more but had much better outcomes.

That's how the Oakland A's used data and their modest payroll to reach the…

If you’ve been long BTC and ETH through all the volatility, congratulations! With BTC over $50,000 USD and ETH tapping $2000, your trading thesis has been validated.

A big score as a trader feels amazing. It’s intoxicating.

You are likely feeling excited and fearless.

You’re probably feeling a lot more confident in your abilities.

And if you’ve been talking about crypto with your friends for a while now, they may see you differently.

People will likely start asking you for your opinion on all matters relating to BTC, DeFi, and all things crypto. …

It was David and Goliath!

Short selling is wrong!

They stuck it to the Wall Street fat cats!

Well, that sounds pretty exciting.

If you read a couple of articles, you got a piece of the picture, but probably not the whole picture.

As a crypto trader or any trader, especially if you are new, there were numerous lessons that this trade could tell you.

And looking at the GameStop situation, you can see where crypto fits into the big picture.

But given our current financial environment, let’s look at one of the big features of this story, the impact…

You’ve registered for your crypto account, deposited some money, and you’re good to go.

You head over to the trading screen and look at the action.

A chart of Bitcoin looks like an EKG as it bounces around.

The blue and red order book is moving like a thriving ant colony.

You’re filled with anticipation.

But there’s this nagging question in the back of your mind.

What do you do after you buy some BTC or ETH?

Are you a trader or a hodler?

And if you’re going to trade, what kind of trader are you?

Trading is like anything…

If you’re new to Bitcoin or crypto, you probably have a bunch of questions.

You might want to know what Bitcoin is.

Or where it came from and how it started.

You might be asking where its value comes from.

And how it works.

Once you understand Bitcoin better, you might want to know how other cryptocurrencies and tokens fit in.

Then you might be wondering how you can get involved.

The first thing to know is that Bitcoin is the foundation of modern cryptocurrency. But cryptography and secret code began long ago.

It started with a secret language on…

Tristram Waye

Partner Unleashed Ventures. Entrepreneur. Copywriter. Former professional trader.

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