• Bruce Alderson

    Bruce Alderson

  • OQEX Global

    OQEX Global

    OQEX is the most advanced cryptocurrency exchange https://oqex.io/rcode/OQEXSOC #Exchange #Cryptocurrency #Trading #Blockchain

  • #BlackLivesMatter


    Visit hackernoon.com. FYI: we publish rarely w/ Medium CMS b/c of pop up ads for account creation & paywall requesting $$$ from readers. Open Internet!

  • Alexandra Christine Moxin

    Alexandra Christine Moxin

    CEO and Founder https://advancetechmedia.org/ | Advisor https://adaptechgroup.com

  • Edmar (Mazinho Web)

    Edmar (Mazinho Web)

  • John Fritz

    John Fritz

  • #BlackLivesMatter


    https://www.davidsmooke.net/ https://hackernoon.com/ Elijah McClain, George Floyd, Eric Garner, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Michael Brown, Oscar Grant,

  • Pierre Anderriva

    Pierre Anderriva

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